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Sponge's TreeView Web Part allows you to display a Document Library in a Tree View.


  • At first, you have to install Sponge. See the Install page on how to do that.
  • Once this is done, navigate to the Site Collection you want to enable the Weather Web Part.
  • Go to Site Settings --> Manage Site Collection Features --> and activate Sponge Feature alt text
  • Go back to a SharePoint site and click Edit Page button --> Add a Web Part --> Sponge Web Parts --> TreeView Web Part.

The TreeView Web Part will display the contents of a selected Document Library in a Tree View. alt text

In the Web Part Settings, you can change the following:

alt text

  • Document Library: the document library you want to display in a tree view
  • Show Expand: whether the web part should displays check-boxes next to each node, allowing you to expand/collaps it
  • Expand All: whether the web part should automatically expand or collapse all nodes on load
  • Show Lines: whether the web part shows lines between each nodes/items

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