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Sponge's Shoutbox Web Part is a simple implementation of the popular "Shoutbox". It allows users to interact with each other without leaving SharePoint.


  • At first, you have to install Sponge. See the Install page on how to do that.
  • Once this is done, navigate to the Site Collection you want to enable the Shoutbox Web Part.
  • Go to Site Settings --> Manage Site Collection Features --> and activate Sponge Features alt text
  • Go back to a SharePoint site and click Edit Page button --> Add a Web Part --> Sponge Web Parts --> Shoutbox Web Part.
  • Configure the Web Part Properties --> Configuration --> Entry Limit. This is the limit of how many entries will be displayed in the Shoutbox.

alt text

That's it. Now enter your text in the textbox and click the Send button.

Additional Information

The Shoutbox Web Part stores all information in the Sponge Shoutbox list. This list is relative to the web part (in the same SPWeb) and it will be automatically created if it does not exist. Be aware, that depending on the usage of the Shoutbox Web Part, this list may contain thousands of items.

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